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A look back at those who worked there

559 people at the latest update !

If you or someone related to you or just someone you know used to work at Chelsham Garage, then please send some details and a photo if you have got one, that could be placed here within these web pages.


alan dot c dot edwards at btinternet dot com

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Including names such as Dick Barton, Dan Dare, Jimmy Edwards and Bill Gates

Please click on the letter of the Surname to see who worked at Chelsham Bus Garage

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A Adams (Driver), G Adams (Driver), Jack Aggis (Conductor), Ken Aggis (Driver),

B Aldous (Driver), Albert (Taffy or Taff) Allen (Conductor), Frank Anderson (Driver),

Gertie Andrews (Canteen Cleaner), K Andrews (Driver),

Bill Angus (Driver then Engineer) and Freda Angus (Conductress then Canteen),

Peter Angus (Mechanic), Adam Askew (Driver then Inspector), Des Astle (Driver),

Peter Atkins (Driver), Tommy Atkins (Engineer),

Jackie Doorey nee Ayers (Driver) L Ayers (Driver)

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Ann Baker (First Female Driver at Chelsham) later Married Ian Wright,

George Baker (Conductor, then Driver),

George Baker (Conductor), Katie Baker (Conductress), R A (Alan) Bailey (Driver),

Joe Balch (Driver), Bob Baldwin (Conductor),

F Bale (Driver then Inspector then Loading Reporter), E Band (Driver), Bob Barber (Driver),

Don Barker (Driver), L Barling (Driver), Dick Barton (Conductor),

? Bashford (Road Inspector), Bryn Bassett-Burr (Driver,

Jack Bassett-Burr (R/Insp then D/Insp),

Ronald (Ron) Bath  (Driver), Barry Batton (Driver),

Ernie Beadle (Driver), R Beadle (Conductress), Ralph Beadell (Engineer),

Martin Bean (Driver), Doris Becker (Canteen), Robert Bellamy (Driver),

David Benham (Conductor), Dick Bentick (Driver),

Howard (Ginger) Berry (Driver), R Biddell (Engineer), Noel Biddle (Canteen),

Grahame Bisset (Driver), John Blackburn (Controller), Anne Blake (Conductress),

Tom Bloodworth (Engineer), T Blyth (Driver), P Bolt (Driver),

K Bond (Driver), Pat Bond (Conductress), Geoff Booker (Conductor),

John (Johnny) Booker (Conductor),

Harry (Bimbo) Boulter (Conductor, then Driver), Graham Boyce (Driver),

William (Bill)  Boyd (Conductor then Driver),

Bernard (Bern) Breach (Conductor then Driver)

R Bradey (Conductress), J Brady (Driver), R Brady (Conductress),

John Briarley (Driver then R Inspector then D.T.S.),

T W Brittle (Driver), Charlie Broadbent  (Conductor then Driver), Dave Brock (Driver),

John Brocking (Mechanic), ? Brooker (Conductor), A Brooks (Driver),

Reg Brown (Conductor then Driver), T Brown (Driver), Kenny Bryant (Driver),

Rita Bryant (Canteen), Steve Bryant (Driver), Norman Burgess (Foreman Engineer)

? Burgh (Inspector), Dave Butterfield (Conductor with LT, then Bus Mechanic with LCBS)

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W Camlin (Engineer), Tom Camling (Engineer), Graham Cann (Driver then Conductor) ,

A Canter (Driver), Ted Canter (Driver), W Canter (Conductor),

Bow Card (Driver), D Carter (Driver), G Carver (Road Inspector),

Joyce Carver (Canteen), Ken Carver (Driver  then Chief Mechanical Inspector  ),

D Cassey (Driver), W Cast (Driver), Harry Castle (Conductor), Les Castle (Conductor),

R Castle (Driver), Ted Chamberlain (Conductor then Clothing Storeman),

Bev Charman  (Driver), Clare Charman (Driver), Malcolm Cheale (Driver),

A Chessman (Driver), A Chowler (Road Inspector), Sammy Clapton,

A Clarke (Conductor then Driver), Len Clarke (Driver),

Joe Clay  (Conductor then Road Inspector), R Coates (Driver),

Stan Coe (Conductor then Clothing Storeman), D Coggan (Conductor),

L Cooke (Conductor), M Cooper (Driver), W Corner (Conductor then Driver),

Bob Cornford (Acting Charge Hand - Nights),

R Cox (Driver), B Coyle (Driver),

E Crampton (Driver), Bert Crampton (Driver), W Crampton (Driver), W Cripps (Driver),

Tony Croft (Driver), N Crossley (Driver), Mrs Dorothy (Dot) Crotty (Conductress)

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B Dalton (Conductor then Driver), D Dalton (Driver), K Dalton (Conductor then Driver),

Robert Dalton (Conductor then Driver), John Dalton (Conductor then Driver),

Peter Dalton (Conductor then Driver), Pat Danaher (Conductor), Martin Darby (Driver),

Gordon (Dan) Dare (Driver) & Ingrid Dare (Conductress then Canteen), Martin Davey (Driver),

Kathleen David (Conductress) , Allan Deadman (Driver),

Brenda Dean (Conductress), A Dean (Driver), Dixie Dean (Driver),

W (Bill) Delieu (Driver), P Dellaway (Driver), Russell Dennis (Driver), N Denny (Driver),

Joe Dicker (Driver), Barry Dorricott (Conductor), Larry D'Silva (Engineer),

D Dungey (Conductor), Ken Dungey  (Conductor then Driver), T Dungey (Conductor),

B Dunn (Conductor), Les Dunn (C.D.I.), W Dunn (Conductor)

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B Edgerton (Driver), W Edgington (Driver), W (Bill) Edmonds (Driver),

George Edwards  (Driver), Jimmy Edwards (Driver Inspector), Len Edwards (Driver),

Stan Edwards (Driver), Queenie Ellard (Conductress), Fred Elliott (Driver),

Harry Elliot (Night Foreman, Engineers), J Elliott (Road Inspector), D Ellis (Driver),

Barbara Endacott, (Conductress), B English (Driver)

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A Fairs (Driver - Green Line), P Farmer (Driver), Terry Farren (Road Inspector),

J Faye (Driver), Bob Feathers (Conductor), J Field (Driver), H Fielder (Driver),

Mark Fielder, Paddy Fletcher (Conductor), T Fletcher (Engineer),

? Flugger (Conductor), K Ford (Driver), W Fowler (Driver),

Keith French (Engineering Supervisor),

T Friar (Driver), T Fry (Driver), Dot Fuller (Conductress then Engineer),

Peter & Pat Fuller (Driver & Conductress), Ted Fuller, (Conductor - Green Line),

V Fuller D Funnell (Conductor), G Funnell (Engineer), Grace Funnell (Conductress),

Maria Funnell (Canteen)

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N Gater (Driver), Bill Gates (Driver), J Gawthorpe (Road Inspector),

Paul Gay (Driver, Driver Instructor then Controller), J Gaylor (Driver), Gary Gibbs (Driver),

Ron Gilbert  (Driver), H Godfrey (Driver), Doug Gomm (Driver), Gordon Gorsuch (G.T.S.),

W (Bill) Gray (Conductor), M Gray (Driver), F Greason (Driver),

Frank Green (Driver then Road Inspector then Chief Inspector then Traffic Superintendent),

J Green (Conductor), R Green (Driver), Mick Gregory (Driver),

R Grimes (Driver), F Grimshaw (Driver), R Grimshaw (Driver), W Grimshaw (Driver),

D Grinham (Driver), Fred Guest (Driver), F Guffogg (Driver), J Gunner (Driver),

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Eric Hackney (Driver), Len Haines (Driver), Henry Hall (Conductor), J Hancock (Driver),

Paul Harding (Road Inspector), Ray Harman (Driver), Mrs Harrington (Office Admin),

C Harris (Conductress), D Harris (Conductor then Driver), George Harris (Driver),

Jack Harris (Engineer), Cliff Harrison (Conductor),  J Hartley (Conductor),

Arthur Harvey (Driver) & Emmy Harvey  (Conductress), F Hatch (Driver),

Ted Hatch (Driver), C Hawkins (Driver), J Hawkins (Driver), Steve Hawkins (Driver),

W Hawkins (Driver), D Hayter (Driver), Herbert (Joe)(Dunlop) Headley (Tyre Fitter),

G Heasman (D.I.), S Hedley, Fred Hepburn (Fitter), ? Hewings (Inspector),

Stan Hilder (Coach Builder), R (Bob) Hilton (Driver then D/Insp),

Richard Hindson (Driver 1985 - 1988)

E (Ted) Holden (Driver then Driver Instructor), S Hole (Driver), J Horley (Driver),

L Hopkins (Driver), ? Hopkins (Driver), Gordon Horton (General Hand),

Sidney E Horton (Driver), Winston Howard (Driver), Kathleen Howes (Canteen),

R Howes (Conductor), E Howell (Road Inspector), M Huck (Driver),

Charles (Charlie) Humphrey (Conductor then Driver),

John Humphrey (G.E.S), L Humphreys (Driver), J Hunt (Driver), N Hussain (Driver),

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Bill (Paddy) Igoe (Conductor), V Ingliss (Driver), V Ingliss (Conductor),

Ken Issom (Conductor), K Issom (Driver)

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Keith Jakeman (Mechanic), D Jones (Driver), (Eggy) Jones (Driver), E Jones (Driver),

Ian Jones (Driver), Joan Jones (Conductress), John Jones (Controller),

K Jones (Conductor), Ken Jones (Driver), P Jones (C/Str), Stan Jones (Driver),

Laurie Jordan (Engineer)

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Roy Kane (Driver), John Kately (Driver), Gerry Keeley (Driver), ? Keiller,

Mary Kelly (Conductress), ? Kemp (Conductor), John Killick,

Royston (Bob) Kimbrey (Conductor), B King (Driver), N King (Driver),

S Kirby (Driver), D Knight, Harry Knight (Conductor), Frank Knowles (Driver)

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Paul Lampard (Driver), D Large (D/I), W Latter (Conductor), C Leader (Driver),

Ron Leader (Conductor), Sue Leader (Conductress),

W Ledgwick (Driver ('French' V.C., R.A.F.))

C.W (Digger) Lee (General Hand), A Lewin (Driver), John Linfield (Conductor)

Cliff Lillywhite (Driver), Y Lim (Driver), T Little (Driver), Dick Lodonez (Driver),

R Lomamez (Driver), A Longley (Conductor), Barry Lucas (Driver),

Arthur Lunn (Conductor), Charlie Lunn  (Conductor),

Peter Lunn  (Conductor then Driver)

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A McCullum (Road Inspector), John McGill (Driver), P McKenzie (Driver), A McLinie (Driver),

J McMenamin (Driver), D Macklen (Driver), Gordon Macklin (Driver),

A Mann (Driver), F Mann (Driver), Mary Mann (Canteen),

Colin Manse (Driver), D Mansell (Conductor), Margaret Mansell (Conductress),

P Mantell (Driver), J Marjoram (Driver), A Marsh (Conductor), D Marshall,

? Margetson (Conductor), Don Marshall (Depot Inspector),

Don Mathews (Driver), Evie Mathews (Conductress), ? Mayne,

A Middleton (Driver), J Middleton (Driver),

Stephen Miles (Driver), ? (Dusty) Miller (Driver), Matthew Miller (Depot Inspector),

Vince Mills (Driver N 129849), Nigel Mitchell (Conductor), G Moon (Driver),

P Moore (Driver), S Moore (Driver), R Moorley (Canteen), (Grunter) Morgan (Driver),

A Morris (Driver), Eileen Morris (Conductress), John Morris (Driver), K Morris (Driver),

W Morris (Driver), G. Mortlock ?, W (Billy) Morton (Conductor),

R Muir (Driver), A (Spud) Murphy , J Muskell

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C Nash (Driver), R (Dick) Nash (Driver), F Nash (Driver), S Newton (Driver),

S Nicholls (Driver), M Noakes (Conductress), ? Norman (Driver), ? Norman (Conductress),

? Nottridge (Driver), A Nunn (Driver)

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A O'Brien (Driver), P O'Sullivan (Driver)

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D Page (Conductor), Jock Page (Conductor), L Page (Conductor), P Page (Conductor),

S Page (Conductor), M Parfitt (Driver), Ralph Parfitt (Driver), Suzanne Parsons (Driver),

Malcolm Paton (Driver), R Patters (Depot Inspector), W (Bill) Payne (Conductor),

John Payne (Driver), Patrick Don Payne (Driver) , Reg Payne (Driver),

Roger Payne (Conductor), Cliff Peckett (General Hand), Mary Persival (D/Insp),

Dick Peters (D/I), Ian Peters (Engineer), L Phillips (Driver),

Elaine Phillips [vaughey], Ross Phillips (Conductor),

D Power (Driver), Tony Price (Mechanic),

Graham Proctor (Mechanic), A Pullinger (Driver)

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Bill Quetz (Driver), Bill Quick (General Hand), Jeff Quiggly (Driver), Matt Quinn

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(Bunny) Rainar (Cleaner), Alan Ramswell (Driver), W Raw (Driver),

K Rawlins (Inspector),  Des Ray (Conductor),

? Rayner (Driver then Inspector), Dick Read (Conductor), W Read (Conductor),

? Reed (Driver), Tommy Reed (Conductor), W (Bill) Reed (Conductor),

Walter H. Reeve (Chief Engineer 1938-1961), L Reeves (Driver),

W Reid (Conductor), J Regan (Conductor), T Regan (Driver), R Reid (Driver),

F Relyea (Road Inspector), M Rich (Driver), Jack Richards (Chargehand),

W Richards (Driver), D Richardson (Driver), Fred Richardson (Conductor then Driver),

W Richardson (Driver), M Rivers (Driver), B Roberts (Driver),

Alec Russell, Dennis Russell (Mechanic), Paul Russell (Driver), ? Russon, ? Ryder

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Louis St. Laurent (Driver then Engineer), Andy St. Laurent (Engineer),

Mick Sadler (Driver), E Sales (Conductor), A Sains (Driver), David Sargeant (Driver),

Alf Sasse (Driver), Garry Sasse (Driver), Renee Savage (Conductress), Stan Savage (Driver),

Joe Scott (Conductor), L Scott (Conductor), R Scott (Engineer), M Scourfield (Driver),

Fred Scutcher (Driver), D Seat (Driver), Paul Seddon (Driver), K Sharkey (Driver),

A Sharman (Conductor), D Sharman (Road Inspector), Bob Shaw (Driver), P Shepard,

A Shorrocks (Conductor), Bob Short (Driver), Barry Shrubb (Conductor),

? Shrubb (Cleaner) & Mrs Shrubb Conductress then Canteen), Jack Simmons (Driver),

A Simpson (Driver), Norman Simpson (Driver), Vi Simpson (Conductress then Canteen),

D Skilton (Driver), G Skinner (Road Inspector), Derek Slack (Driver), Dave Small (Driver),

Alec Smith (Driver), C Smith (Conductor), Cyril Smith (Clothing Storeman),

E Smith (Conductor), Fred Smith (Driver), Nellie Smith (Canteen), Arthur Snow (Mechanic),

George & Jessie Snow (Driver and Conductress), E Spires (Driver),

Daisy & Fred Spires  (Conductress and Driver), John Spivey (Driver), C Spring (Driver),

E Squires (Driver), Sid Stammers (Driver Instructor), W Stannard (Driver),

K Stannard (Conductor then Driver), Tom Standing (Driver),

John Stanhope, (Conductor then Driver then OMO on 464),

Steve Stephens (Driver), ? Stobbard (Engineer), J Stock (Engineer),

B Stock (Driver), P Stock (Driver), W Stock (Driver), Reg Stow (Driver),

Doug Street (Conductor), Roger Strutt (Driver), S Strutt (Driver)

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Len Talbot (Driver), W Tandridge (Driver), Harry Tate (Driver), D Taylor (Driver),

K Thaker (Conductor), K Thomas (Driver), Colin Thorby, J Thorby (Driver), W Thorn (Driver),

Charles Thursby (Engineering Superintendent), B Tickner (Conductor), B Tickner (Driver),

Jim Tickner (Driver), K Tidy (Driver), P Todd (Driver), N Turner (Driver)

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Tom Uwins  (Chief Inspector)

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Colin Vaughey (Conductor, then Driver). Elaine Vaughey (nee Philips, (Conductress)),

Arthur & Rene Villenueve, D Villenueve (Driver), Eric Vines (Controller),

Roger Viney (Engineer), Trevor Voisey (Driver), R (Bob) Vost (D/I)

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P Wadey (Driver), ? Walker (Conductor), ? Walker (Driver),

Jack Walsh (Conductor & Union Rep), Rosie Walters (Conductress),

W Walters (Driver), D Ware (Conductress),

Freddie Ware (Driver), Lil Ware (Conductress), L Watkins (Driver),

Don Watts (Driver then Inspector), Kim Watts (Conductress), Brian Webb (Driver),

Robert Webb (Driver), Doug Webber (Driver), Geoffrey Webley (Conductor),

Fu Wee (Driver). R (Bob) Welling (C.D.I.), F Westgate (Conductor), C Whatley (Driver),

K Whiting (Driver), M Whiting (Driver), Roy Whittaker (Mechanic), J Wilkinson (Driver),

Ray (Taffy) Williams (Conductor), R Williams (Driver), Bob Williams (Driver),

T Williams (Conductor), W Williams (Engineer), W Williamson (Conductor),

Williamson (Driver), Colin Willmott (Driver),

(Tug) Wilson (Driver),  Tony (The Runner) Witham (Driver),

John Woodman (Fitter), (Timber) Woods (Conductor),

Ann Wright (Nee Baker (Driver)), Bill Wright, I Wright (Inspector),

Arthur Wyatt (Driver, C.D.I., then G.T.S.),

Ray Wyatt (Driver, then Inspector), Ken Wynn (Driver)

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