Service stock at Chelsham Garage

At various times a variety of service vehicles could be seen at Chelsham Garage from small vans through to lorries, towing and recovery vehicles. Please see separate pages for Tree Loppers and Uniform Issue buses.

5B Bedford Fuel Tanker LAA441F

In April 1981 this Bedford fuel tanker was seen at Chelsham Garage, later that year a new 10,000 gallon fuel tank was erected at the rear of the garage

45F Ford D lorry LLM 398K and 34F Ford tree lopper BNJ 91T

These two Ford service stock vehicles were parked at the side of Chelsham Garage in October 1983

39F Ford D0910 EUF63V

Seen here in the bus parking area at Chelsham Garage in May 1987. Note the Driver Training board on the front with the information taped out.

46F Ford Cargo 1011 FCD 243X

Ford Cargo 1011 lorry 46F FCD 243X on a visit to Chelsham Garage in November 1983

475L Leyland Redline WBV 475Y

475L Leyland Redline stores lorry has just arrived from Reigate. Note the short lived London Country South West logo. October 1989

61F Ford Transit Mk2 publicity van

Ford Transit Mk2 publicity van 61F seen on the forecourt of Chelsham Garage September 1983

R1 Renault van C821 VLN

This van in white livery was allocated new in 1989 to the Chelsham Engineers, seen on the forecourt of Chelsham Garage with SNB 140 (289) and AN 356 (403) September 1989

47F Ford Transit Mk2 van Gatwick Engineering

Ford Transit van 47F was transferred from LCBS to Gatwick Engineering on 7/9/1986, seen here on the frecourt of Chelsham Garage  August 1989

RF79 modified Green Line RF converted into towing vehicle

Arrived from LH Leatherhead garage and stored withdrawn at Chelsham. Seen here at Chelsham Garage bus parking area. June 1982

M1 - UNO 205E, AEC Matador recovery vehicle

AEC Matador M1 seen here moving a withdrawn BN from the Chelsham bus damp.June 1982

M3 - RTP 209J AEC Matador recovery vehicle

AEC Matador M3 has rescued AN 300 from a problem while in service on route 403. April 1987.

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