1877 - Tribute to Kennedy's Sausages (and Pies) by Alan Edwards - 2007

Kennedy's, 166 High Street, LEWISHAM

Could this incident in Lewisham have been the same that destroyed the Kennedy's Sausages and Pies shop at 166 High Street, Lewisham which did not reopen again.

Paul Wood reported the following on the Croydon, Wallington, Waddon and Beddington and surrounding areas facebook page.

"A German V-1 rocket exploded in front of the clock tower in Lewisham High Street at 9:41am on Friday 28th July 1944 in the middle of a bustling market. The market stalls lined up outside Mark's and Spencer's Woolworth's and Sainsbury's caught the full force of the blast, which came without warning. The bomb had detonated on the roof of a surface shelter, which collapsed. Shops were demolished on both sides of the street. Casualties occured in the basement cafe of Woolworths and even on passing buses. This bomb appears to be extremely strong damaging property for 600yds. Dead and injured lay everywhere, as the injured were treated the more seriously injured were taken to the nearby Lewisham Hospital, which itself had been hit days before with 70 injured and 3 killed. The less seriously injured were taken to hospitals further away, such as Farnborough Hospital [Kent]. This quickly became one of the worse V1 incidents in London with 28 dead at the scene and 83 seriously injured, the final figures were released in September the death toll had risen to 51 [archive records show at least 52 victims, 3 not ID, Mother in law was booked into Lewisham Hospital to give birth to my wife, due to this incident, expectant Mums weretaken by old Green Line Buses to a destination of theie choice. As Dad in Law was serving in the RAF near Oxford Mum picked Oxford, consequently days later my wife was born in a Oxford University Dining Hall converted into a maternity ward. This she has not let me forget. In the Meantime the day before the birth the RAF posted Dad to be to Nottingham."



Information is required about the Kennedy's shop ar 166 High Street, Lewisham.

Sadly no photos of the shop have been discovered that show the shop in Kennedy's ownership.

No details of the war time activity that destroyed the shop are known.

Please forward any information to alan dot c dot edwards at btinternet dot com

Thank you


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