1877 - Tribute to Kennedy's Sausages (and Pies) by Alan Edwards - 2007


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The Beckenham branch closed down at 4pm on 24th March 2007

Main counter with traditional display cabinet on back wall. Note the LOBSTER PASTE, PUFF PASTRY and SALMON & SHRIMP PASTE and the PORK SAUSAGES signs with gold lettering on a dark green background. The shelves are well stocked with neatly displayed tins of PEASE PUDDING and bottles of HEINZ SALAD CREAM.

This "PORK SAUSAGES" sign with gold ornate lettering on a dark green background used to be hanging outside Kennedy's Beckenham shop at 280 High Street displaying our best selling product.

Wayne Obee, the shop manager waits outside his shop at Beckenham for the next delivery of Sausages.

Wayne Obee (Manager) serving another satisfied customer at his Kennedy's Beckenham shop.

Wayne Obee (Manager from June 2001 to March 2007) and Lisa Foulds (Assistant Manager from December 2000 to March 2007) inside Kennedy's Beckenham shop. Wayne has asked me to show his email address (which appears in the yellow section below) and says "If there are any customers who wish to get in touch with me then they are more than welcome to, as I didnt get a chance to say goodbye to all of them". All Beckenham photos kindly supplied by Wayne Obee.

Wayne Obee's email address - sausageboy1981 at hotmail dot com

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