1877 - Tribute to Kennedy's Sausages (and Pies) by Alan Edwards - 2007

Kennedys Sausages, Factory and HQ, 84 - 86 Peckham Road, PECKHAM

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Kennedys Sausuages HQ and Factory Peckham

The Kennedy's Factory and Office premises originally had a shop at No's 84 - 86 Peckham Road, Peckham, on the left of the premises, was the Kennedy's shop closed many years ago. Photo taken on 12th December 2007

In this scene on 12th December 2007 a lorry is delivering sides of bacon being delivered to the Kennedy's Factory.

Kennedy's delivery vans in the courtyard of the Kennedy's Factory on 18th December 2007

The scene on 10th November 2011 shows that The old Fire Station and Kennedy's shop and factory 84 - 86 Peckham Road are still standing but the two period villas in between have already been demolished. Photo by Alan Edwards.

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