Sainsbury's Warlingham Mosaic by Oliver Budd

The two wonderful mosaics that were unveiled at the Sainsbury's superstpre in Warlingham on the opening day on 13th September 1994 were designed and produced by Oliver Budd. The original mosaics were sadly destroyed when the store was enlarged during the winter months of 1999 / 2000, but when I discovered this, I was so annoyed and reported this and thankfully Oliver Budd was able to produce the two replacements which were completed on the 25th April 2000.


NEARLY FINISHED - Oliver Budd is seen here putting the final touches to his original masterpiece which depicts 125 years of shopping at Sainsbury's. It was started on 5th July 1994 and completed on 25th August 1994.


A WORK OF ART - Proudly displayed on one of the exterior walls of the store. This was quite a rare picture because rows of the shopping trollies were usually parked in front of the mosaic hiding some of the lower parts from view.


CLOSE-UP 1869 - Victorian fashions on both sides of the counter are shown in this delightful section of Oliver Budd's Warlingham Sainsbury's Mosaic.


CLOSE-UP 1950 - The Provisions counter now known as The Delicatessen was all the rage in the days before self-service stores and supermarkets caught on.


CLOSE-UP 1994 - Shoppers and Sainsbury's staff 1994 style with a backdrop of the local countryside are shown in this close up view of Oliver Budd's Warlingham Mosiac.


CLOSE-UP "SAINS BERRIES" TRADE MARK - The original Sainsbury's Registered Trade Mark design with the letter "S" and "AINS" intertwined with red berries is beautifully portrayed in this close up view of Oliver Budd's Warlingham Mosaic.


THE LAST PIECE GOES IN - Alan Edwards (yours truly!) presses the last piece into the replacement floor mosaic at Warlingham Sainsbury's on 25th April 2000.


THE SECOND FLOOR MOSAIC - The second version of the floor mosaic which is placed on the wall facing the main Limpsfield Road, this replaced the first mosaic which was displayed in the entrance lobby and was destroyed when the store was enlarged during the winter of 1999 / 2000.

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