From Buses at Chelsham to Trolleys at Sainsbury's

After demolition - what next?


Between September 1990 and December 1991 there were numerous attempts to obtain planning permission for housing and the final application by the developers, St George, was for the erection of 15 x Studio Flats, 25 x 2 bed Flats, 66 x 1 bed Flats and 21 x 3 bed Houses,

Notice Boards were fixed to the hoardings surrounding the site on Christmas Eve 1991.This notice was displayed by the request bus stop and old gates into to tte engineers yard at the back of Chelsham Garage. From this date right through to the fi rst week in May 1992, when the housing notice boards were taken down, no work had taken place on the site.


MAY 1992

Rumours were spreading locally that Sainsbury's were looking at the possibility of building a Supermarket in the Warlingham area, in fact canvassers had been to ask local residents of their feelings, and during the week ending 16th May 1992 it had been reported in the local newspapers that Chelsham Bus Garage was one of the options. Caterham & Distirct Advertiser poster in "Harry's" shop window

JUNE 1992

On 10th June 1992 a questionnaire, along with full details, also an artists impression of the proposed Sainsburys supermarket, was sent through the post to local residents.

JULY 1992

On 1st July two gates were erected in the fencing at the north entrance to the old bus parking area, and a mobile exhibition display trailer unit was parked inside where London & Country.buses used to be parked

Friday 10th and Saturday 11th July brought a Public Exhibition into Warlingham Village Hall which showed full details of the proposed Sainsbury's Supermarket, including an architect's model.

During Mid July 1992 and through to February 1993, Editions of l.ocal newspapers were full of "for's" and "against's" regarding the new Sainsbury's store. Here is a show of strength in the rain "for" Sainsbury's. . I was definately "for" Sainsbury's


After two refusals for planning permission, a Local Public Enquiry was held at The Council Offices in Oxted starting on Tuesday January 19th 1993, lasting three days.


The final outcome of this meeting was known on Thursday 18th February when it was announced that permission had been granted for Sainsbury's to build a supermarket on the old Chelsham Bus Garage site
Champagne flowed in Warlingham Village Hall on Tuesday 23rd February when Gerald Knight and representatives from Sainsbury's met local residents to thank them personally for their support. Here in this photo I joined with two local residents to raise a glass of Champagne to Sainsbury's

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