Chelsham Garage bus dump

A selection of my photos of withdrawn and unservicable buses and coaches stored at Chelsham Garage bus dump, the resting place for many of our favourites, in all weathers during the 1980's.

General view of Chelsham Garage bus dump with AN, BN, SMA, SMW and XF types. February 1982

Another arrival at Chelsham bus dump. BN56 ex MA Amersham with Chilternlink branding. May 1982

An April 1981 line up of SM's 514, 517 & 461 ex DT Dartford. 514 was new to Chelsham in May1971

Fleetline XF 5 ex EG, East Grinstead is pushing up the daisies and buttercups at Chelsham bus dump. June 1981

Plaxton coach 6 (P6) alongside RT1563 uniform storage bus, behind the staff canteen. October 1981

RT 1563 uniform storage bus has by now disappeared from the scene, the body was cut up on site behind the staff canteen at Chelsham Garage bus dump, the remains were loaded onto the two open back transits as seen in this photo.. My apologies for the poor quality of this photo, it was taken on my basic instamatic camera due to my SLR camera batteries that had suddenly depleted..I specifically kept my distance in this situation as I may not have been made welcome close by. Undated, maybe1982.

AF1 is laying the law down. "Now listen, if you all behave you may well find a new owner but if you play up while you are here at Chelsham bus dump you will end up facing the cutters torch in a scrap yard".


XF8 along with three unidentified LNB's awaiting their fate at Chelsham bus dump. June 1981

SMW13 still showing route 29 when it was on loan to Oxford South Midland previously. November 1981

SMW11 and SMW6 parked with other SMW's at the side of Chelsham Garage. June 1981

SMW 11 with "ON HIRE TO OXFORD SOUTH MIDLAND" notice at Chelsham Garage. July 1981

This is a classic case of being in the right place at the right time. SMW 11 was being towed from Chelsham Garage bus dump to Booths of Rotherham up the Edgware Road while I was on my lunch break in the Western Region HQ at Paddington as Parcels, Newspaper and TPO vans controller.December 1981

A sad sight in December 1981 of 4 frozen BN's 36, 29, 39 and 37 which was new to CM in Nov 1974.

A wintry line up at Chelsham bus dump RP1. SMA8, XF3, RP27 and SMA1. January 1982

C.F. Booth of Rotherham collecting an unidentified SM class Swift from the side of Chelsham Garage. SNB 103 on the right was in service and not yet wanting to face the cutters torch. February 1982

RP40 ex RG Reigate and RP1 ex GF Guildford parked at the side of Chelsham Garage. April 1982


BL1in driver trainer livery and BN 52 parked at the side of Chelsham Garage. July 1982


AN6 from HA Hatfield in Town Bus branding disgraced itself at the Epsom Derby Day June 1982 and broke down while operating the 406F shuttle service, it was brought to Chelsham and stored. Later in October 1983 was converted into a driver trainer bus visiting Chelsham bus dump again. See next photo

AN6 and AN21 in November 1989, AN6 a trainer ex CY Crawley had her second visit to Chelsham bus dump seven years and 5 months later after her first visit in June 1982 ex HA, please see photo above.


Unidentified BN's, DMS633 trainer and AF1 resting in Chelsham bus dump.July 1982

Seven years and three months later I witnessed the sad sight of AN294 and AN 349 departing from Chelsham for the long journey north to the Martins of Middlewich, Cheshire scrapyard. October 1989

AN 294 and AN349 being towed away from Chelsham Garage to Martins of Middlewich. October 1989

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