Route 196 at Chelsham Garage 28/10/1989 to 27/4/1990

After the final 403 green bus ran at Chelsham Garage, there was a 6 month reprieve for Chelsham to operate red bus contracted route 196 between Norwood Junction and Brixton with peak hour extension to and from Oval and early morning extension to Islington Green. This route did not serve the local area.


Route 196 blinds for the early morning extension to Holborn and Islington Green and the peak hour extension to Kennington Oval are shown here on Chelsham's Twins AN267 and AN268 seen here lined up in Chelsham garage bus parking area. November 1989


A smart line up of AN's for route 196 on the forecourt of Chelsham Garage

I am sure he will spot the route number set to route 197A on AN534 on the left?

AN184 showing off her engine while over the pit inside Chelsham Garage

AN197 standing at the Norwood Junction terminus, ready to head off to Herne Hill and Brixton

AN223 at Kennington Oval about to depart for West Norwood


AN225 in a traffic jam in Brixton


That's it, the 6 months are up. 5 AN's head off to CY, Crawley Garage from Chelsham Garage as a Kentish Bus AN approaches on a route 23 journey from West Croydon to Tatsfield 28/4/1990

Final run out list of route 196 buses by running No. fleet No.and times leaving Chelsham Bus Garage on the last day of operation.of bus services at CM, Friday 27th April 1990 THE END.

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