From Buses at Chelsham to Trolleys at Sainsbury's

After the last bus had departed from Chelsham Bus Garage


The sad sight of Chelsham Bus Garage,which closed its doors for the last time on June 29th 1990 and is awaiting its fate

South London L231 is parked outside the closed Chelsham Bus Garage, Note the large "LONDON COUNTRY" names have now been removed from the two gables of the front of garage but the "National" logo sign above the rear of the bus still remains in place. July 1990. I had two brief looks inside Chelsham Garage after closure and took a few photos shown below with descriptions.

Inside the southern/ right front half of Chelsham Bus Garage looking towards the big front doors

Inside the southern/ right front half of Chelsham Bus Garage, Note the large "LONDON COUNTRY" names ripped down from the front gables


The exit from the bus parking area and the relatively modern canteen and office block see below for more views inside the canteen building.

Chelsham Garage, Canteen, the snooker table used to be here,between the tipped up red chair and the main doors on the right, the Chelsham Garage Sports Club Winners Honours Board is lying against the wall by the window on the right (see the next photo)


Chelsham Garage Canteen seating area, looking towards the serving counter (note the tipped up red chair)

Chelsham Garage Canteen, Kitchen area looking towards to serving hatches.The handle on the extreme left was turned to open and close the roller shutters.

The rear of the Garage Superintendent's office and gateway entrance into the engineers office yard at the back of Chelsham Bus Garage,

 The engineers office with blue doors and the 10.000 gallon fuel tank installed in 1981 on the left at the back of Chelsham Garage

Then some undesirables illegally took residence in and around the garage site along with a van and caravans parked at the back of the garage

The COUNTRY section of the LONDON COUNTRY name sign from the front gables of the garage amongst tyres dumped by the illegal occupants

The northern left / front  of Chelsham Garage with some rubber tyres thrown into the pits by the illegal occupiers

The northern left / rear of Chelsham Garage with tyres dumped in the pits by the illegal occupants.

The southern right / rear of Chelsham Garage with hundreds of tyres dumped everywhere.

The southern / right front  of Chelsham Garage with hundreds of tyres filling the floor and right up to the front doors.

 The undesirables had by now been evicted but hundreds of tyres were still left everywhere.

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