Bus Routes operated by Chelsham Garage but not serving Chelsham and Warlingham

London Country Bus Services : 2nd January 1982 - 6th September 1986

London Country South West : 7th September 1986 - 25th October 1986

Start or Finish date

Route Details (Tuesdays and Fridays)

2nd January 1982

CATERHAM STATION - CHALDON - MERSTHAM - REDHILL - REIGATE GARAGE (Route reinstated and operated by CHELSHAM GARAGE to partially compensate withdrawl of Route 440 WOLDINGHAM to EARLSWOOD) This route ran Not In Service between CHELSHAM GARAGE and CATERHAM STATION

25th October 1986

Last day of service.

Route transferred to Skinners Of Oxted as Route 540 OXTED - TITSEY - BOTLEY HILL - WOLDINGHAM - CATERHAM - CHALDON - MERSTHAM - REDHILL

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